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I Develop Your Aesthetic Imaginations Into Reality.

With 10 Years Experience of Website Design & Development I can turn your ordinary old school 90’s style Website into Modern Futuristic and User oriented Designed Website. Don’t believe my words? Try it Yourself and see the amazing results your brand can achieve.

I offer multiple services such as Website Development, Website Maintenance, Custom Projects Development and Consulting.

Who Am I?

Born Developer

Confused? You've read it right, I started learning website development when I was just 06 years old kid.



Mark Twain once said “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”


Started School

Started learning new things, making new friends, and discovering my interest and passion.


WWW in My Life

First time I explored the Internet and entered the world of WWW. It amazed me and pushed me to learn web.


Hello World!

Saving the web pages from Microsoft Internet Explorer and learning how they are built. This was the first time HTML & CSS came into my life.


Replicating The Portal was a famous portal at that time and to enhance my learnings I started replicating it in HTML & CSS and successfully redeveloped the homepage from scratch for my learning.


Found Google

Searching anything on Google at that time was a blessing, it still is but at that time it feels like a magic. Google helped me to explore different sites and learn about W3.


Microsoft Paint

I was just a 10 years old kid who loves drawing and painting. Microsoft Paint worked as a Canvas to me. Used it a lot to enhance my design skills.


Exploring Other Fields

After continuesly learning and practicing HTML & CSS I came to know about Adobe Photoshop. Shifted my focus towards learning it.


Using Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop CS3 was the first version which I started using. Shifting from Paint to Photoshop it was like a heaven. Due to the limited Resources I had to try each tool to learn and gain experience.


Impact of Facebook

It was the first time I created an account on Facebook and came to know about how dynamic can web get. Now was a time to dig deeper into the ocean.


Urdu Phonetic Keyboard

Exploring the Facebook I came to know about Urdu Language Community that regularly publish blogs. Joined multiple Urdu Forums and started Unicode Urdu Typing for the first time ever.


Started Urdu Blogging

Been into the Active Community of Urdu Bloggers, it inspired me to start my own Personal Urdu Blog. Next few years I dedicated myself to write as much content I can in Urdu. I published hundreds of tutorials in Urdu related to Adobe Photoshop and WordPress. As well as I Developed few Urdu WordPress Themes and converted few top free themes into RTL.


Joined College

Completed my High School studies and joined college with Computer Science as a Major to continue my education.

C Language

Started Learning Software Development and to start with it "C" was the first language I learned.




Twitter Urdu Translation

Joined a community to promote Urdu Language and started contribution in translation of Twitter in Urdu.

Facebook Urdu Translation

Joined a community to promote Urdu Language and started contribution in translation of Facebook in Urdu.

Google Urdu Translation

Joined a community to promote Urdu Language and started contribution in translation of Google Translator in Urdu.

Completed College

A roller coaster ride of College ended successfully by exploring and learning how Computer Science evolved and how I can be a part of it.


WordPress Urdu Translation

Joined a community to promote Urdu Language and started contribution in translation of WordPress in Urdu.


Professional Freelancing

I finally started my services to offer Professional Freelancing ranging from Basic Bug Fixing to customizing WordPress themes and plugins along with Basic Graphic Designing for Logos and Posters.

Joined University

Time for Higher Studies. Enrolled myself into BS Computer Science 4 Years degree to enhance my communication and programing skills.


Continued Freelancing

Struggle was real, failed multiple time but I keep pushing myself to the limits and focusing on being consistent. It helped and I started growing myself into freelance industry.

Continued University

Degree program was going good and I did achieve some great recognitions and started building different projects on university level.


Founded DryNutStore

It was a right time to take an action and a University Course related to Technology Entrepreneurship pushed me to start an e-Commerce Business.

Planning & Execution

In September 2018, I was finally able to execute all the planning with my partner in business and launched Pakistan's Largest Online Dried Fruit Brand in Pakistan with delivery throughout Pakistan on Doorstep. The aim was to change the mindset and provide customer satisfaction.


Thinking Big

Worked on a final year's project to make hand gloves for the people who can't speak. The gloves were able to translate the signs they make into audio via connected Android Device.

Microsoft's Recognition

Presented the Sign Language Translation Gloves to Audio prototype and project in Imagine Cup organized by Microsoft and received the recognition on regional level.


Full Time Developer

Started working as Full Time Web Developer at an firm. Developing websites and helping firm to stay organized with documentation.

Bilal: Computer Scientist

Completed my degree in Computer Science and received recognition for being in the list of Top 10 Graduates for higher academic performance throughout the program.




200+ Websites

Completed Millstone of developing 200+ websites to my portfolio.

Lead Developer & HOD

Starting working as Team Lead Developer and Head of Web Development at and firm. Helping others grow and gain experience using my expertise and experience.

Successfully running DNS

The vision & mission behind DryNutStore started paying of and helping people get quality at their doorstep without any hassle.

Continued Freelancing

Beside full time job and business still doing Freelancing and Developing People's Imagination into Reality using my skills and expertise.

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