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Hafiz Group

Modern Revamp

A Revamp of Old Style Website Design into Complete Modern Corporate Website Layout.

ClientHafiz GroupTypeCorporateDateOctober, 2021Project ofV Media Pvt LtdWebsitewww.hafizgarments.comShare

About The Brand

Hafiz has been providing premium quality leather garments and accessories since 1981. A leader in the leather products industry. Unlike the Premium Quality of Brand, Hafiz’s Website was not upto the mark according to the standards of 21st century and modern designs.

Let me show you how Hafiz’s previous website looks like before showing you the result of design aesthetics and work I have done.

It was a challenge to revamp their current website design into the complete modern look and feel. But I have accepted the challenge and developed it according with the design aesthetics of 21st century and focused not only on Desktop layout but also on Mobile Phone layout. Have a Look at the Work I have done and delivered.

Disclaimer: I have developed this Project for V Media Pvt Ltd. Source Code, Images, Videos and All the Material used while development of this project till delivery of the project is property of V Media Pvt Ltd.

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